Health Sciences Encryption Project

New Encryption Rules - A Summary

Personally-Owned computer encryption guidance.

Pediatrics IT staff cannot encrypt personally owned computers. If you are not capable of encrypting it on your own, you should take it to your own computer repair guy or take it to a company like BestBuy or Staples.

The type of encryption software used depends on what kind of computer you have. There are guides all over the internet on how to encrypt your computer. The table below shows some of the free options for encrypting personal computers.

Type Operating System Free Options
PC Windows XP TrueCrypt
PC Windows 7 Home, Pro TrueCrypt
PC Windows 7 Ultimate TrueCrypt or Windows Bitlocker
PC Windows 8/10 must upgrade to pro
PC Windows 8/10 Pro Windows Bitlocker
Apple OSX 10.7 and newer FileVault
Apple Older than 10.7 TrueCrypt

Notes: Do NOT enable these programs on department-owned computers as they are already encrypted with PGP. Please backup all data on your personally owned computer before trying to encrypt it. TrueCrypt can be downloaded from the website for free. Bitlocker and FileVault are built into the OS and just need to be enabled. Encryption strength should be set to AES 256 bit when possible.


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