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This page is curated for Department of Pediatrics employees by the Thriving in Pediatrics (TiP) Team

“GREAT patient care starts with a THRIVING team”

PEDS WELLNESS ACTIVITIES – Participate in wellness activities with others in our Department!

UNIVERSITY RESOURCES – The University provides a whole host of resources to employees. Find out what’s available!

RESILIENCY & WELL-BEING DURING COVID-19 – Resources for staying resilient and maintaining well-being during the pandemic!

PEDS COMMUNITY CONNECTION – Join the conversation here!

BOOK OF THE MONTH  – Each month the TiP Team recommends a book that aligns with our wellness goals!

WELLNESS MESSAGE ARCHIVES – Every wellness message from the department newsletter at your fingertips!

MISCELLANEOUS LINKS & RESOURCES – Looking for more info?! Here are links to external resources, books, podcasts, apps and more!